OK. SO on youtube i've watched tese videos

I want to make my own Nendoroid/Nendoroid petite!
I think the character i will make will be eiher:
Gumi Megpoid (using this picture as inspiration)

Or Ranka Lee

This willmot likely be an UBER LOOOOOONG project......but i wanto givit a try!
If anyone else might wanna try this or has done this please let me know!!!!

Well that's it fr me..
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Cosplay Progress
How was everyone's Cristmas??
Hope you all got what you wanted! Please tell me!!

So this is my Sf-A2 Miki Progress so far.DSC00579.jpg
This is the dress for Miki and all i have so far.

Gumi Megpoid.
So that's it.
I'll keep posting as much as i can!!

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First Time
Ok so i've just started out a blog!
I'm new soi probablydont have many readers.
I've decided for my first blog entry i'll do a cosplaylistof characters i willcosplayin the future.....The list will probably change over time but for now the ones with ☆ beside them are definate.

Hitagi Senjougahara- Bakemonogatari☆
After i watched Bakemonogatari i fell in love with Hitagi's looks, style and personality. I knew ihad to cosplay her!.
All i have so far is the Skirt,Socks and wig.

Sf-A2 Miki- Vocaloid☆
She's soooocute. I know her outfit is difficult but me and my mum are working together on this costume. I'm doing the belt, headphones and helping with any other little details. This cosplaycould be done by the new year!

Gumi Megpoid-Megpoid☆
Her cosplayprogress is going slow but i have the yellow see through material and her wig.I really love her character design so i had to cosplay her!

Utatane Piko-Vocaloidpocaloid-library-utatane-piko-1.jpg
I Think Piko could be a bit too hard and challenging if i DO cosplay him.
But isn't he ADORABLE!? He would be my first guy cosplay, i hope i can cosplay him....i just LOVE how he looks and his voice!

Nagi- Kannagi☆
I watched Kannagi Crazy Shrine Maidens awhile ago but now looking back, My favourite character was nagi! I love her hair...and finding a good wig will be challenging so i've decided to style my own wig for the first time!!!!
Although cosplaying Nagi hasn't been decided for sure, istill amd confident i want to cosplay her!

Well so far that's it........I will post Picture updates and stuff of my cosplays progress and finishing.

Well all from me now.
(P.S i really love those star thingies!)

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